Co-operate with your creditors!

As ‘A Debtor’ it’s important that you co-operate with your creditors at all time.
Ways you can co-operate with your creditors:
1. Answer their phone calls and respond to their letters in a timely manner
2. Fill in a Standard Financial Statement when requested to do so.
3. Pay what you can afford to your creditors – even if you cannot meet your full contractual payment , paying something is better than paying nothing!
Co-operating with your creditors makes it much easier for a Personal Insolvency Practitioner to try negotiate a deal with your creditors through the Insolvency process.
If you are in mortgage arrears or cannot pay your full contractual payments on any debt you may have, contact your lender today and be seen to be co-operating.
Contact R Hendy & Co today to look into your Insolvency options on 0402 29376 ext.1
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