Client Review

First of all I’d like to thank all at R Hendy & Co who helped me achieve my insolvency goal as it was awarded last Thursday and it is still only sinking in, words can’t describe my gratitude, my thanks on how much R Hendy have helped me get back on my feet financially,
I am a working professional in the Medical Engineering sector , and I got into trouble financially in 2010 as so many did after the complete financial crash of 2008 after many many attempts to try and make an arrangement with my creditor Ulster Bank which was ignored and eventually sold without my knowledge to large capital management firm cerberus , and without the expertise of the staff at R Hendy I would not have being able to get back on my feet financially and would not have being able to save my home and I can’t stress enough how magnificent Dawn has been over the last 2 years so helpful and kind on every phone call and how absolutely professional and kind Kerry was over the whole insolvency from start to finish and I am forever grateful for your kind help.
On a scale of 1 – 5 I absolutely, no question asked rate R Hendy a 6 if it was on the scale , Excellent.
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