Financial Health Check

Have you took the time lately to have a financial health check?
Isn’t this a great time to have one if you haven’t already done so!! Here is some advice we have for you.
Take an hour out of your day and sit down and go through all your paperwork. Starting with your Bank Statements take note of all your expenses. Make two lists essential and non essential. Do a total of your months expenses on each column. On your non essential column how much does your figure come to? What can you do differently with your money next month that puts you and your family financially in a better place? Plan ahead with next months salary. allocate money per week on essential bills and think before you spend!!
Our second bit of advice we have for you is to shop around. Take the time to look at your utility bills and see can you get a better deal elsewhere? Phone around to different companies and compare the prices. Like wise take out your life policies and home insurance policies, it might be easier to stay with the company you are with, but could you get a better quote elsewhere. We at R Hendy & Co can give you a life insurance quote today. Maybe our quotes are better than what you are already paying at the moment. Contact us on 0402 29376 and we will give you a quote.
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