Personal Insolvency Arrangement

Any debt amount
  • Similar to Debt Settlement Arrangement but includes secured creditors too, ie your home / mortgage.
  • Secured debt value can be written down to a more affordable amount.
  • Affordable payments for 6 years.
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Debt Settlement Arrangement

Unsecured debts over €20,000
  • Affordable repayments based on your living costs.
  • Payments for 5 years (60 months).
  • Debts legally written off by your creditors on completion of the DSA.
  • Only 65% of your creditors must agree to make it legal.
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Debt Relief Notice

Debts from €1,000t
  • We deal directly with your creditors.
  • Payments from €100.
  • Repayments based on your living costs.
  • Interest / Charges could be stopped.
  • Flexible plan that can be changed if your situation changes.
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New updated legislation
  • A fresh start free from debt that you cannot pay.
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